For Emergencies and Crimes in Progress, call 911

What new information may be added to a previously reported incident?

Property and details not already provided to law enforcement in previously reported incidents of:

  • Burglary, Fraud or Theft

    The wrongful taking or attempted taking of personal property, EXCLUDING robbery.

  • Vandalism or Destruction of Property

    Physical damage caused to another person's property; writing, painting, drawing, or marking of any property with paint, ink markers, or other substance.

  • Lost Property

    Missing or misplaced property; property with no readily identifiable owner.

What may not be reported online?

To add new information about the following types of previously reported crimes, please contact the police department of the location where the crime occurred by clicking the department name in the list of Online Reporting Agencies below.

  • Crimes of violence
  • Crimes related to any domestic dispute
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Vehicle hit and runs

I have new information for the following previously reported incident that is eligible for supplemental online reporting.