For Emergencies and Crimes in Progress, call 911

What may be reported online?

If you are not reporting an emergency or a crime actively in-progress, the following crimes or occurrences may be reported online:

  • Theft

    The wrongful taking of personal property, EXCLUDING firearms, vehicles, or vehicle license plates.

  • Vehicle Prowl

    Property has been unlawfully taken from inside of a vehicle, or an attempt to take property from inside of a vehicle has been made

  • Fraud / Identity Theft

    The intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to take another’s money, property or a legal right.

    Accepted only by the following Agencies:
    Bonney Lake | Edgewood | Fife | Lakewood | Milton | Pierce County Sheriff | Steilacoom | Sumner | University Place

  • Vandalism or Destruction of Property

    Physical damage caused to another person's property; writing, painting, drawing, or marking of any property with paint, ink, markers, or other substance

  • Lost Property

    Missing or misplaced property; property with no readily identifiable owner

What may not be reported online?

For the following crimes or occurrences please call the non-emergency number:

253-287-4455 or 800-562-9800
  • Crimes of violence (call 911)
  • Crimes related to any domestic dispute
  • Stolen or lost guns
  • Stolen or lost license plates
  • Stolen or lost vehicles
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Vehicle hit and runs